[CentOS] Centos 4 on Terminator C3

Mon Mar 19 15:09:28 UTC 2007
Justin Randall <jrandall at comwave.net>

It may sound a bit strange but I had a similar problem with an ASUS mobo
with a Via chipset a long time ago and that problem was actually related
to the dynamic discovery of memory clocking speeds.

For some reason it was negotiating a higher memory clocking speed then
the memory supported.  What ended up fixing the issue was going into the
BIOS and statically assigning the memory clocking speed.  Of course the
downside to this is that this setting would need to be changed anytime
you upgrade your memory some with a different clocking rate.

It may not be what you're experiencing but maybe worth a shot.

How far into the boot process does your computers reboot again?


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I am trying to install Centos 4 on an Asus terminator c3 with the
via chipset. It keeps on rebooting. It won't install.

It's a P3 800Mhz made by Via with 512Mb RAM.

I have searched and found nothing about it.

Any suggestion?

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