[CentOS] installing perl module in centos/rpmforge vs. cpan methods

Mon Mar 19 19:08:00 UTC 2007
Karl R. Balsmeier <karl at klxsystems.net>


I just used RPMforge package perl-Mail-Sender, and am looking at the 
perl cpan site for info, anyone got a simple way to determine if the 
module is working properly?

I am trying to use the cpan info, but it's a bit cryptic (as perl is 
wont to be).

-it says to use this:


use ExtUtils::Installed;
my $instmod = ExtUtils::Installed->new();
foreach my $module ($instmod->modules()) {
my $version = $instmod->version($module) || "???";
       print "$module -- $version\n";

but all I get is:

Perl -- 5.8.5

which seems to indicate doing a

rpm -ivh perl-Mail-Sender-0.8.13-1.el4.rf.noarch.rpm

is either working and thie script above just cant see it, or the module 
is installed and requires some follow up.  Both of these are just 

Any input from the wise listers other than "read all of cpan since you 
have a million hours free time".

perl -MCPAN -e 'install Mail::Sender'     simply hangs on the FTP 
transaction, thus the reason I did this from RPMforge instead.