[CentOS] Fun with CentOS and Windows

Mon Mar 19 18:48:02 UTC 2007
Mark Hull-Richter <mhull-richter at datallegro.com>

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> You should be able to get better resolution without installing the
> proprietary nvidia driver. Sounds like your monitor is not being
> automatically recognized.  Should be able to run system-config-display
> (from runlevel 3) as root and set the monitor type in the Hardware
> Should then see higher resolutions available.  Set the resolution you
> want, exit system-config-display, and then "telinit 5" to get back to
> the GUI login.
Well, actually, after I installed the NVIDIA driver, I reset the monitor
type to something like Generic 1600x1200 and ran with that for a while,
but it didn't behave properly.  After anywhere from 15-30 minutes of
running, it would scramble all new window data and only refresh buttons
I moved the mouse over.  I changed it to Generic 1280x1024 and so far
have not had any problems, but I haven't run on it all that long,
either.  So I don't really know if the driver helped or not.

> If you still want the proprietary  nvidia driver, nothing wrong with
> Winter's fine advice, but would like to suggest another alternative
> applies at this point.  Skip downloading the nvidia drivers and
> enable ATrpms repo, being sure you first set up the
> yum-plugin-protectbase to keep from clobbering core packages.

Please remind me how to do that - I did it here at work but forgot how
(for home).

I'll have to decrypt the rest of your post - it's too technical for me
to delve into at the moment, but thanks for all of it.