[CentOS] Dedicated Servers

Mon Mar 19 18:55:26 UTC 2007
Dale <lists at ehome.net>

Hi Jean,

Jean Figarella wrote:
> Hi,
> A little bit off topic here, but I was wondering if anybody knows 
> about a good dedicate server provider, that offers CentOS (but 
> ofcourse) as a os choice, and that is very reliable.
> I am using SuperbServer, but as of this moment 2007/03/19 1406 
> America/NewYork time, my server is down do to a power outage at one of 
> their facilities in VA. This is the second outage in less that 5 
> months. Unacceptable.
> But yes, any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
I too used to use Superb and wouldn't go back there again. I would also 
recommend against The Planet in Dallas, while they have gotten better in 
the  past year, we had a server down for 5 hours, the reason? "Sorry, 
one of our techs apparently tripped over the power cord to your server 
and unplugged it."

Stay far away from The Planet.

If you have your own box, CIHost.com is pretty good and they often have 
some pretty good specials. Link a 1U space for $49.00 per month, but it 
does require prepaying for 1 year in advance, and this is 
space/bandwidth - you supply your own server.

I have rack space in the Dallas data center, from tests some friends and 
I have done, it appears ping times to their Chicago data center are 
faster, but I prefer being near my servers and I am in the Dallas area.

They also offer dedicated servers, but not sure if they offer CentOS.