[CentOS] Dedicated Servers

Mon Mar 19 21:33:38 UTC 2007
Kurt Hansen <khansen at charityweb.net>

Jean Figarella wrote:

> A little bit off topic here, but I was wondering if anybody knows 
> about a good dedicate server provider, that offers CentOS (but 
> ofcourse) as a os choice, and that is very reliable.
> I am using SuperbServer, but as of this moment 2007/03/19 1406 
> America/NewYork time, my server is down do to a power outage at one of 
> their facilities in VA. This is the second outage in less that 5 
> months. Unacceptable.

Check out LiquidWeb at liquidweb.com. I haven't had any unscheduled 
downtime since Nov. 04 when I switched to them from Superb. We have 4 
dedicated servers there.

One note of concern though -- I just went to their website and they are 
promoting Windows servers. Hmm...when I signed up with them they were 
95% Linux. Maybe that explains why one of the recent techs I contacted 
was not as on the ball as when I began.

Take care,

Kurt Hansen
khansen at charityweb.net