[CentOS] HP DL585 G2 -- no nics

Tue Mar 20 13:31:05 UTC 2007
Richard Bellamy <richard.bellamy at virgin.net>


I would get the proliant support pack/smartstart and check that you are
either using the bnx2 of tg3 drivers. You should have one or the other
loaded. I would also check that you have the latest system firmware.



> Hi folks,
> I've just spent about six hours messing around with an HP DL585 G2
> server trying to get CentOS to go.
> This box is a dual-CPU with dual cores and 10GB of RAM total.
> According to the datasheet, the POST screens, and the BIOS, it has
> the Broadcom embedded NICs in it.
> The problem boils down to the installed OS (4.4 x86_64) not seeing
> the NICs.  If you do an lspci on the system after installing from
> local media the only unknown device is one of the built-in hardware
> health monitors.  And since the NICs don't show up in the pci table,
> there's nothing for the drivers I downloaded from the HP website to
> hook to.
> What's interesting is that in the process of trying to get this thing
> going I've installed two old (2002 vintage) 3Com 905cxl PCI cards in
> the system -- again, the BIOS (or whatever the built in hardware
> diagnostics program is called) sees them, but the running OS does not.
> This implies I've done or missed something trivially stupid, and
> after banging my head against this box and the monumentally unhelpful
> HP "documentation" I was wondering if someone had been down this road
> before.
> Any insights would be appreciated.
> Thanks!
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