[CentOS] GNU Telephony Centos repository

Tue Mar 20 16:05:34 UTC 2007
Theo Band <theo.band at xanadu-wireless.com>

Theo Band wrote:
> Robert Moskowitz wrote:
>> The Gnu Telephony site:  http://wiki.gnutelephony.org
>> Has a Centos repo:  http://dist.gnutelephony.org/RPMS/
>> But I caught some text stating that this is for Centos 4.2.
>> Is it really?  Is there a difference; i.e. would it be safe to 
>> install these on Centos 4.4?
>> Really I am after Twinkle, and it seems there is a lot you need to 
>> actually get Twinkle installed...
> I was able to compile and install it for Centos4.4. I had to specify 
> -no_dke for some reason. 
I was referring to Twinkle here, not gnutelephony....
> After my evaluation I stopped at idefisk. Precompiled runs on FC3/FC4 
> and Centos44. Only need to install a library object and put a link in 
> the /usr/lib directory. This is not a SIP phone however, it only runs 
> with Asterisk.
> Theo