[CentOS] Re: SATA RAID card recommendation?

Tue Mar 20 18:41:09 UTC 2007
Scott Silva <ssilva at sgvwater.com>

Florin Andrei spake the following on 3/20/2007 11:20 AM:
> Andrew Cotter wrote:
>> What are you trying to build?
> Analysis and reporting tool with a large MySQL backend. It also serves
> as a transient backup server for that data. I need MySQL to _fly_ on
> that RAID array, since the data set is pretty big.
> I wrote pretty much all software and did the DB schema, so I have true
> full control over what's running on that machine.
> I think I can go with the "throw more hardware (bigger disks) at the
> problem" approach and use RAID1 instead of RAID5. That should give a
> boost to the read performance, in theory.
> I need to do some tests and figure out what works best in this
> particular case.
> I was wrong with the requirements, it's not PCI, it's PCI Express x16
> There's not much room in the system, it's a 1U. I think I can fit a
> full-height card in it, but it must not be too bulky.
> It's a fairly new AMD 64bit machine. It will run CentOS 4.4 64bit,
> possibly version 5 if the project drags its feet long enough and 5 is
> released soon, and MySQL makes "official" packages for CentOS 5 soon
> enough and is stable enough. Hm, that's a lot of ifs. :-/
3ware 9650Se is a half height card up to 8 drives, is BBU capable, and you
could have raid 10 if you want some speed and reliability.


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