[CentOS] Re: centos 4.4 dns problem -

Wed Mar 21 02:07:32 UTC 2007
Will McDonald <wmcdonald at gmail.com>

On 21/03/07, Bob Goodwin <bobgoodwin at wildblue.net> wrote:
> Les Mikesell wrote:
> > Bob Goodwin wrote:
> >
> >>> Named doesn't need to be running if your /etc/resolv.conf points
> >>> elsewhere.  Do you have firewalls blocking port 53?
> >>>
> >>> 'dig' is usually a reasonable diagnostic tool.
> >>>
> >> I tried disabling the firewall, still nothing.
> >>
> >> dig just reports "connection timed out; no servers could be reached"
> >
> > Is there some reason to think that a working nameserver exists at the
> > address(es) in your resolv.conf?
> >
> Yes definitely, I've used the same list of nameservers on all my computers!

Can you execute a lookup against a specific external DNS?  e.g.

dig @ www.google.com

> What has me puzzled is should Centos 4.4 not work as installed from the
> CD's?  I've installed a number of Linux's in the last ten years and they
> usually work.  Obviously something went wrong in the installation
> process?  I think the simplest thing will be to wipe this one out and
> start over again, that is assuming that someone can tell me that it
> normally works "out of the box."  It takes less than an hour to install
> and I've been frustrated at this attempt for five times that now.

Hmm, yes, given the correct information and an understanding of where
that information is stored and what it's for. However...

> I don't doubt that I've made some error but would like to know that it
> should work, normally does when the CD install finishes?

just rebuilding may fix it, or it'll leave you in the same situation
but people will have to get you to re-confirm information before
adequate troubleshooting.

I'm a big fan of rebuilding Windows systems where necessary, not so
much with Linux. While it *may* help you, it shouldn't be necessary
and may mask a deeper problem.