[CentOS] Install and Run mysql 4.x

Wed Mar 21 23:14:22 UTC 2007
Al Sparks <data345 at yahoo.com>

> You don't have to initialize mysql db : it will be done
> automagically when you'll start the mysqld service for the first
> time (service mysqld start) ...
> Have a look in the mysqld init script (that rpm/yum provides you
> so gently) , especially in the start() function ...

Well, I guess that's a DOH on my part.  Of course they'd provide and
use the init scripts in /etc/init.d.

This may have something to do with all the previous things I've
attempted after the install, but when I actually invoke the script it
says the startup fails.  However, the mysql.log shows that the
database successfully starts, and I'm able to get a mysql prompt.

Thanks for your help.
   === Al