[CentOS] Vsftpd/Centos Issue: Client Time FIXED

Thu Mar 22 01:12:20 UTC 2007
Karl R. Balsmeier <karl at klxsystems.net>


You need to set "use_localtime YES" in your config file, then restart vsftpd.  By default, it's set to "NO".  See "man vsftpd.config"


Karl R. Balsmeier wrote:

> Hi,
> We have patched Centos 4.4 to work properly with the recent DST 
> changes, but our customers are reporting wrong FTP client timestamps 
> based on which areas they live in.
> What are the two main mechanisms in Centos that control time?  I know 
> about /etc/localtime and TZDATA, is there something we may have 
> missed?  Or is this perhaps a VSFTPd thing and I could go bug that list?
> To be clear, -i'm asking:  How would you verify your Centos system was 
> completely sound and properly set for time changes like DST?  I did 
> all of our servers going back all the way to Solaris 7, but this seems 
> uniquely to do with my centos4.3 machines running vsftpd.  If you can 
> drop a command line or two on me to determine the time settings are 
> OK, that would be a great start.
> Notice i'm not asking for a solution to the whole issue, but just a 
> starter set of 'grep this, enter that' forensics, so I can nail down 
> which of the two mechanisms are in error, specific to centos 4.3, 4.4.
> -karlski
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