[CentOS] Will Firefox 2.X be included/supported in CentOS 5?

Thu Mar 22 04:57:51 UTC 2007
David G. Miller <dave at davenjudy.org>

Alfred von Campe <alfred at 110.net> wrote:

> I know this mostly depends on what is/will be done upstream, but with  
> the recent announcement that Firefox 1.5.X will only receive updates  
> until April 24, 2007, is Firefox 2.X in CentOS' future?
> Alfred
As of beta 2 the answer seems to be "no":

[dave at fold ~]# rpm -q firefox
[dave at fold ~]# cat /etc/redhat-release
CentOS release 4.92 (Beta)

This was discussed extensively on the fedora list.  Red Hat will 
continue to provide updates to Firefox 1.5 as per their support 
agreement for RHEL.  RH *may* choose to upgrade RHEL 5 to Firefox 2.0 
but whatever version is the official version will be supported as long 
as the RHEL release is supported.


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