[CentOS] segfaults with 8 gig of ram

Thu Mar 22 13:42:57 UTC 2007
tblader <tblader at flambeau.com>

Stephen Harris wrote:
> Is this the only box with 8Gb RAM?  Do the others have smaller amounts?
> Is the motherboard and BIOS the same?  Are you running the same kernel?

Other boxes run 4 sticks of 1 gig each of Corsair XMS-2 dual channel
pc6400 ram.  Some boxes are at Abit BIOS rev level 10 and some at 11.
the 8gig box is at rev 11 (abit-kn9-kn9c11.zip)

> Is the machine stable if you run it with mem=1024M on the kernel options
> line (so limitting it to 1Gb RAM).  Do you need the hugemem kernel?

I have not tried the mem= kernel param yet but I will probably remove
sticks of ram 1 at a time to see what happens.


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