[CentOS] Re: segfaults with 8 gig of ram

Thu Mar 22 17:24:00 UTC 2007
tblader <tblader at flambeau.com>

Scott Silva wrote:
> Maybe this MOBO is just choking on the combination of the type and quantity of
> ram. Maybe the ram timing is just slightly under spec, and pulling one stick
> puts the board into single channel mode. Have you tried pulling a stick from
> the other channel also, so the board goes back into dual-channel mode, and
> testing again? You could also see if you can change the memory timing slightly
> with the 8 gigs of ram. See if the bios will let you turn off SPD mode and let
> you set timings manually.

I've removed two sticks from channel B, and just running with the matched
pair in channel A.  The java install has been running for almost an hour straight.
When I get back over to the server room, I'll power it off and try the same pair
in channel B to see how it goes.

Thanks for the SPD tip - I'll check that out as well.


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