[CentOS] Will Firefox 2.X be included/supported in CentOS 5?

Thu Mar 22 18:58:12 UTC 2007
David G. Miller <dave at davenjudy.org>

Ralph Angenendt <ra+centos at br-online.de> wrote:

> David G. Miller wrote:
>> > Alfred von Campe <alfred at 110.net> wrote:
>> > 
>>> > >I know this mostly depends on what is/will be done upstream, but with  
>>> > >the recent announcement that Firefox 1.5.X will only receive updates  
>>> > >until April 24, 2007, is Firefox 2.X in CentOS' future?
>>> > >
>>> > >Alfred
>> > As of beta 2 the answer seems to be "no":
> Which beta2? 
> Ralph
I'm running CentOS 5 beta 2 on a test box.  You can find the links to 
the current beta ISOs, release notes, etc. on the CentOS main web page 
(the i386 and x86_54 ISOs are under 

The estimate was for CentOS to trail RHEL 5 by about two weeks.  This 
implies that we should see a production release of CentOS fairly soon 
but feel free to give the beta a whirl if you want.  I'm currently 
running FC6 and CentOS 4.4 on different boxes for hardware support so 
I'm trying to get a jump on moving to only running CentOS 5 and not 
having to chase the latest Fedora version.


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