[CentOS] Re: segfaults with 8 gig of ram

Fri Mar 23 13:17:34 UTC 2007
tblader <tblader at flambeau.com>

Scott Silva wrote:
> Looking online, there are many pages that mention problems with DDR2-800
> memory needing the voltages turned up to 1.9 volts. Something else to try.

I tried the ram at 1.9 volts (from the 1.8 in the BIOS) and it worked
good on the bench for a few minutes, but after SSH'ing in however, it
locked up soon after.   I thought perhaps the nic is flaky, but removing
a single stick of ram from the board seems to stabilize everything whether
it's a console or ssh session.

I have the option in the bios of turning the ram speed down to 667mhz all
the way to 400.  I will try all 4 sticks at 400 today.  There are a ton
of other settings for the dram that I do not know what they do.

Found an article on google groups suggesting using all 4 slots is a crap
shoot.  Hmm..

[*] - http://groups.google.com/group/misc.forsale.computers.memory/browse_thread/thread/9dcf22f919ada367/230b6421faf43861


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