Fri Mar 23 14:00:10 UTC 2007
Chris Geldenhuis <cgeldenhuis at jhb.ullmanns.co.za>

Alfred von Campe wrote:
> On Mar 23, 2007, at 7:55, Chris Geldenhuis wrote:
>> [snip]
>> However when I then log in to the recovered system as a user via ssh, 
>> or directly on a tty (non-gui), the login process does not execute 
>> the instructions in the user's .bashrc file and I get a shell prompt 
>> with none of the required environmental variables set - also the last 
>> line in the .bashrc is an exec of a script that bring up the 
>> application - this does not happen.
>> When I log in to the gui desktop as the user and then open a terminal 
>> screen the instructions in the .bashrc do get executed
>> and the application runs as it should.
>> Any ideas of where to look ?
> For starters, add some echo statements to the beginning of the .bashrc 
> file to ensure that it is being executed.   Maybe an error is 
> occurring when it is a login shell.  I usually debug startup problems 
> like this by putting an exit call half way through the .bashrc file 
> and add some echo statements.
> Alfred
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Thanks for the ideas - I will try them on Monday when I get back to site.