[CentOS] kickstart - how do I specify I20_block driver

Fri Mar 23 19:46:10 UTC 2007
Karl R. Balsmeier <karl at klxsystems.net>


I have alot of kickstart and scripting going on as I provision lots of 
machines, and every now and then I run into a pesky machine or three 
that's still got that Adeptec zero-channel RAID card sitting on the 
board.  Normally I like to rip it our and throw something more robust 
in, but if it's a cache machine or whatever, I leave it in.

It makes my kickstart file useless until I ask you, the list, how do I 
edit the kickstart file to tell the installer to add this driver and use 
it.  If I don't, I get an error that says roughly "no suitable disk 
devices found to install on".

i'm calling kickstart like this (thanks to Joshua-Baker LePain's advice 
a while back)

linux ks=http://192.168.my.webserver/serverx.ks ip=192.168.whatever.ip 
netmask= gateway=192.168.x.1 dns=my.dns.server.ip

Is there a section I should edit just before this disks in the kickstart 
file are called to call and use the i20_block driver, or do I pass it as 
a parameter at the kickstart command line?