[CentOS] OT: RHCE Exam

Sat Mar 24 07:52:56 UTC 2007
Fabian Arrotin <fabian.arrotin at arrfab.net>

On Fri, 2007-03-23 at 22:54 -0800, Shawn Everett wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I'm planning to take the RHCE exam soonish.  If anyone here has taken the 
> test I would be interested in getting your thoughts and experiences.
> Shawn

Hmmm, the first thing you do when you take the exam is signing a non
disclosure agreement ... so asking about that test on a list is maybe
not a good idea .... :o)
Reading manuals, labs, labs and again labs is the way to go ...

Fabian Arrotin <fabian.arrotin at arrfab.net>
Solution ? 
echo '16i[q]sa[ln0=aln100%Pln100/snlbx]sbA0D4D465452snlbxq' | dc