[CentOS] Centos 4.4 Problems not i586 compatible

Sun Mar 25 02:05:49 UTC 2007
junk at realtechtalk.com <junk at realtechtalk.com>

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> junk at realtechtalk.com wrote:
>> I promise not to top post anymore :)
> Excellent!
>> Do you know why the problem I'm describing could be happening?
> its all assumption at this stage since you've not really said what 
> breaks or how it does not work
>> All other packages I have are i386.
>> I've taken the binary from bash i386 and I did ldd
>> I copied all relevant files to the livecd but it only works on i686.
> What do you really mean by 'it only works with i686' - which part of 
> the livecd is failing ? how did you create this livecd ? what kernel 
> and glibc / init process are you using etc ?
> - KB


What I've done is taken a generic Kernel and compiled with i386 
All I have on the livecd now since I started from scratch is a copy of 
the dev entries in centos.

All the disc does is run init and load bash.  The init itself is a bash 
script which just tells /bin/bash to execute
I have all the .so files as mentioned in my previous e-mails copied to 
the relevant places.

When I run the disc on any i686 machine it works but if I take it to an 
i586 it halts after the kernel loads.
There is no error message, I can type things but bash never actually 
executed (remember this disc works fine and loads bash like it should on 
an i686 machine).

I am using Centos 4.4 Server CD, it comes standard with an i686 glibc 
installed but I downloaded *glibc.i386                               
*and run "rpm -Uvh glibc-rpm.name --force" to install it over top of 

I hope that explains it.  The bottom line is the disc works on any i686 
machine but not an i386.
I almost wonder if somehow some of the i386 glibc .so's are not i386 as 
it claims?

Thanks again!
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