[CentOS] Cannot execute /usr/bin/fetchmail

Sun Mar 25 13:21:13 UTC 2007
Matt Arnilo S. Baluyos (Mailing Lists) <matt.baluyos.lists at gmail.com>

On 3/25/07, Tim Jackson <lists at timj.co.uk> wrote:
> Fetchmail is a binary (executable), not a shell script. So you can't run
> it like that.
> You probably want a helper script that will execute fetchmail for you.
> In many cases you'll need to specify options on the command line anyway.
> For example, write a script called "my-fetchmail-script":
> #!/bin/sh
> fetchmail --some-option --some-other-option
> and run "my-fetchmail-script" from cron.

Ok. That works. Thanks Tim.

Funny why cron behaves like that, does that mean I would have to make
a helper script to run any other command I would want (as opposed to
calling them directly)?

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