[CentOS] Any compelling reasons to upgrade to 5

Mon Mar 26 03:52:26 UTC 2007
Preston Crawford <me at prestoncrawford.com>

> Preston Crawford wrote:
>> But I'm just not sure if the jump is big enough to make it worth it.
>> Anyone know?
> Not for those happy with what they've got.

Thanks. I'll probably stick with 4, then. CentOS's (and thus the "upstream
provider") support cycle has spoiled my wife, once used to the machine
being reinstalled every six months. I was talking about maybe going to
SATA and using that as an excuse to do a smooth upgrade (install to the
SATA drive and keep my old install on the IDE drives and slowly move
config and files over) and she said she liked it the way it was.
Enterprise software means even at home, the support cycle is appreciated.
The wife likes it how it is. So it stays. :)