[CentOS] Strange output of netstat -a or is it??

Mon Mar 26 03:55:35 UTC 2007
Edward Milstein <eddiem5 at yahoo.com>

Ryan Simpkins wrote:
> On Sun, March 25, 2007 21:11, Edward Milstein wrote:
>> Anyone got a guess??
> udp        0      0              
> It is the source port (see firewall section here for details):
> http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/a/network/excerpt/dnsbindcook_ch07/index.html

Thanks.  I understood the meaning of the field to be the source port.  
Is the meaning here, this is the response port resuling from an inbound 
packet on port 53 udp?

Sorry if it is obvious, but thanks,


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