[CentOS] SMP kernels and top output

Mon Mar 26 14:37:11 UTC 2007
Roy Ong <centos-list at royong.com>

On Mon, 2007-03-26 at 10:28 -0400, Bisbal, Prentice wrote:
> Hi, everyone. I'm new to the list. This question may have come up
> before, but I couldn't find an answer to it by searching the centos
> website. Could be I was using bad keywords for my search.  
> I have 3 HP xw9300 workstations (dual AMD Opteron 64-bit processors)
> that I'm upgrading from RHEL3WS to CentOS 4.4. I've upgraded two
> already, with one left to go. On the system with RHEL3WS, 'top' shows
> statistics for each processor and what processor # each process is
> running on.
> On the systems running CentOS 4.4, the output of 'top' looks like that
> of a uniprocessors system - there are no statistics for each processor
> and it doesn't show which processor each process is running on.
> However, /proc/cpuinfo shows the two processors. 
> Does this mean that my OS isn't seeing the second processor, or has
> the behavior of top changed between the two OS versions? Is there any
> way that I Can verify that both processors are being used? 
> --  
> Prentice 

to be absolutely sure, check the following
# cat /proc/cpuinfo