[CentOS] OpenOffice 2.1 with CentOS 4.4 x86_64 doesn't work

Mon Mar 26 13:59:01 UTC 2007
MOKRANI Rachid <Rachid.MOKRANI at ifp.fr>

CORRECTION : I'm using CentOS 4.2 not 4.4 

Following what I do.
I have no error. OpenOffice doesn't start after this.
I have installed the full CentOS 4.2 release before. 
My kernel is 2.6.9-22.ELsmp

/usr/bin/yum -y remove openoffice.org-1.1.2-28.6.0.EL4.i386

/usr/bin/yum -y install openoffice.org-base-2.1.0-6.i586
/usr/bin/yum -y install openoffice.org-calc-2.1.0-6.i586
/usr/bin/yum -y install openoffice.org-core09-2.1.0-6.i586
/usr/bin/yum -y install openoffice.org-core10-2.1.0-6.i586
/usr/bin/yum -y install openoffice.org-draw-2.1.0-6.i586
/usr/bin/yum -y install openoffice.org-emailmerge-2.1.0-6.i586
/usr/bin/yum -y install openoffice.org-gnome-integration-2.1.0-6.i586
/usr/bin/yum -y install openoffice.org-graphicfilter-2.1.0-6.i586
/usr/bin/yum -y install openoffice.org-impress-2.1.0-6.i586
/usr/bin/yum -y install openoffice.org-javafilter-2.1.0-6.i586
/usr/bin/yum -y install openoffice.org-kde-integration-2.1.0-6.i586
/usr/bin/yum -y install openoffice.org-math-2.1.0-6.i586
/usr/bin/yum -y install openoffice.org-onlineupdate-2.1.0-6.i586
/usr/bin/yum -y install openoffice.org-redhat-menus-2.1-5.noarch
/usr/bin/yum -y install openoffice.org-testtool-2.1.0-6.i586
/usr/bin/yum -y install openoffice.org-writer-2.1.0-6.i586
/usr/bin/yum -y install openoffice.org-xsltfilter-2.1.0-6.i586

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> I removed the openoffice 1.1 release from my system (kernel 2.6.9) for install the full OpenOffice 2.1.
> But after trying to start the new soffice, nothing happen. (may be java problem ?)
> Could someone help me ?

How did you install 2.1? What sort of errors did you get?

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