[CentOS] Re: Any compelling reasons to upgrade to 5

Tue Mar 27 00:49:15 UTC 2007
Andy <aegoss at vicnet.net.au>

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> Subject: Re: [CentOS] Any compelling reasons to upgrade to 5
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> > I typically buy a new drive, install the newer OS to that, and set up
> > a vmware instance pointed at the raw disks with the old install on it,
> > so I can boot up the old system at the same time as the new one if
> > necessary.  Often I get a newer/faster CPU at the same time, so the
> > old system still works about as well as it ever did even under
> > virtualization (sometimes it even gets faster).
> >
> > I'm looking forward to finding out whether Xen makes this possible in
> > CentOS 5 without VMware.
> i think i read that rhel4u5 will have xen in it as well.  i can't recall 
> where i saw it.  might have been someone getting confused between u5 and 
> rhel5...
I saw that too, it is quite specific, try:


"In addition to the new virtualization feature, update five includes a long list of updated packages that fix bugs and security issues for RHEL 4. The final release of update 4.5 is expected sometime after March 21, 2007."

If this was true I would have expected to see some Centos activity before now.