[CentOS] Tape drive recommendations

Tue Mar 27 16:05:19 UTC 2007
Aron.Darling at Emulex.Com <Aron.Darling at Emulex.Com>

I would suggest backing up to a local machine for speed and then
vaulting that offsite to tape.  The local machine will keep the speeds
up and the window short, then vault that machine offsite to tape.  If
you have the budget use a VTL for the local machine and a tape library
for the off-site.  If you don't have the budget LTO3 is your safest,
best route.  I have a lot of experience in this area if you nee help,
send me an email.

God Bless,


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Hello all.

I have 15 or so CentOS servers (now v4.4, I will upgrade them all to
5 when it comes out) and a few windows machines.  I am looking to
implement a network backup solution using Amanda.

I will be backing up 200 gig or so to start, but that will grow.

Does anyone have any recommendations on tape drives that will work "out
of the box" with CentOS?



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