[CentOS] software raid

Tue Mar 27 23:49:56 UTC 2007
Benjamin Karhan <simon at pop.psu.edu>

Dave wrote:

] Hello,
]    I've got a 4.4 box that i'd like to implement software raid on. Does
] anyone have any experiences with this?
] Thanks.
] Dave.

i can swear by Linux software RAID 100%...
  although the majority of my experience is with RAID-1 mirrors...
  (and an occasional RAID-5 set...)
it has saved my systems several times (at least a dozen) in the
  past decade... and in that time (using it on many systems all along)
  i have not lost any data or a single system due to disk failure...
  (it's always been super easy to replace the drive and return
  the RAID to fully operational status)

in fact, in many ways i prefer it to hardware RAID... as the software
  RAID monitoring facility is always quick and accurate in alerting you
  to any problems...

in general, i will often chose software RAID on server system disks
  over many onboard RAID alternatives...
  and while usually we invest in a hardware RAID array for data...
  i have to mention... efficient monitoring and status reporting on the
  large hardware arrays is ALWAYS more of a pain than the default handling
  i enjoy on the software RAIDed system disks...

B. Karhan
simon at pop.psu.edu
PRI/SSRI Unix Administrator