[CentOS] Thanks to the list for 3ware RAID info...

Wed Mar 28 04:10:43 UTC 2007
Don Knott <dknott123 at gmail.com>

I didn't see the whole thread but I wanted to toss in a note. Be sure to try
out the command line tools for managing the card. When a drive fails, you'll
want to know the steps beforehand to remove it from the array and stop it so
you can pull it out with causing the system to panic. Reverse the steps and
the spare drive will take over the job.

My words come from being the guy @ 2:00 am trying to google the correct
syntax to resolve a problem without making it worse.

I'm a big 3ware supporter... I've spend $$$ trying brandnames and regretted
most of that money.

On 3/27/07, Mailing Lists <mlists at microreplay.com> wrote:
> All:
> Thanks to everyone who participated in the rather long thread
> recently about RAID arrays and CentOS.  I have been needing to
> research RAID for CentOS for some time, so the discussion was timely
> for me.
> Based on the discussion in that thread, I bought a 3ware 9650SE card
> and a bunch of WD drives.  I was told by 3ware that 9650SE driver
> will likely not be in the CentOS 5 kernel (unless RH put it there)
> since it is based on 2.6.18.  The 9650SE driver is not in the Linux
> kernel until 2.6.19.  However, 3ware said they would be happy to
> provide a driver disk to use with the installer, so it will be no big
> deal.  In case anyone else will find this useful, I would like to say
> that I am planning to use these with a 975XBX2 logic board from Intel
> (975X chipset).  The 3ware rep said that the 9650SE card does work
> with the 975XBX2 with the latest Intel firmware.  I have built 4
> servers (3 for Asterisk, 1 for MySQL)  around this "desktop" board
> and the all run CentOS very nicely.
> Again, thanks for all the info.  CentOS really has a great community!
> -Joe
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