[CentOS] Beta question - initial install of packages

Wed Mar 28 07:16:00 UTC 2007
John Summerfield <debian at herakles.homelinux.org>

Scott R Ehrlich wrote:
> When I used Fedora Core 5, and got to the screen for packages to install, I had
> the option to Customize which packages I wanted to install, but never an option
> to install EVERYTHING.  That annoyed me.
> When I use Redhat Enterprise 4, and get to the screen for packages to install, I
> have the option to Customize which packages I want to install.   That leads me
> to a screen showing a tree of catatories.   Towards the bottom, I find an
> "Everything" option.   I almost always choose that.
> When I learned about CentOS 4.4, and got to the package install screen, the
> EVERYTHING option was there.   I was thrilled!
>>From the CentOS beta, I thought I would again get the EVERYTHING option, but to
> my shock, the packages screen actually goes back to the FC5 days, thus no easy
> (that I could find) way to just select all packages.
> Am I missing something?   If this is true, and the team is still in development
> stage, can the EVERYTHING option be restored?

CentOS is cloned from the corresponding RHEL release. Don't expect any 
more than minimal changes - for example, CentOS doesn't have separate 
server/desktop/workstation offerings, nor does it have something "just 
like" RHN.



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