[CentOS] Time 1 hour out

Wed Mar 28 15:02:28 UTC 2007
Andy Wright <centos at eltofts.homelinux.com>

Hi list,

Ever since the change to BST here in the UK (GMT to GMT+1) the clocks on 
all my Centos 4.4 servers are 1 hour slow.

Timezone is set to Europe/London, and I've tried with and without 
"System clock uses UTC". If I disable NTP and set the time manually, 
then restart NTP, the time goes back 1 hour. Running `date` reports "Wed 
Mar 28 14:59:04 BST" - so it knows about the BST change, but that time 
is 1 hour slow - it's really 15:59 BST.

All servers are fully patched - tzdata is at 2007d-1.el4

Any ideas anyone?