[CentOS] Re: tzdata update, but no announcement?

Thu Mar 29 01:51:38 UTC 2007
John Summerfield <debian at herakles.homelinux.org>

Scott Silva wrote:
> John Summerfield spake the following on 3/27/2007 5:28 PM:

>>Which would annoy you more?
>>1. Update sans announcement
>>2. Announcement sans update.
>>There will always be a timing issue, and I'd go with releasing the
>>update, allowing mirrors to sync and then the announcement.
> As long as the sysop doesn't depend on announcements to do updates, it
> shouldn't matter.
> You can always cron yum check-update, and read the cron mail.

As far as I can tell, RH does not announce all updates to RHEL4.

btw I just discovered my FC6 test system busily trying to update itself, 
without my consent.

My consent would certainly be withheld, there's no way I can track FC 
updates through a modem, especially with all the stuff I do want.

FC6 may well find itself replaced with Debian.



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