[CentOS] Cups issue - keeps re-writing cupsd.conf and mime.types

Thu Mar 29 14:37:09 UTC 2007
centos.users at digitalmedia.newsquest.co.uk <centos.users at digitalmedia.newsquest.co.uk>

On Wednesday 28 March 2007 16:11, Justin Barth wrote:

> My Centos 4.4 server at home is serving a Samsung SCX-4521F printer,
> which the *nix and Win clients connect to through ipp. Every so often
> (maybe once a month), the cupsd.conf and mime.types files are updated,
> which makes the printer unavailable to the clients.
> My fix so far has been to stop cups, overwrite the files with
> cupsd.conf.working and mime.types.working (these are backup files of
> the originial working files), then start cups.
> Now my question is - how simple would it be to make a bash script that
> will monitor if the files have been updated, then perform the above
> actions automatically? Or, how would I stop the files from being
> updated in the first place?

I've had this problem myself.  I was lazy at the time and rather than find the 
true cause of the issue I just made the files immutable which stops them 
being overwritten by any process even if said process operates as root.

As root simply chattr +i cupsd.conf and mime.types from a command prompt.

Best regards,
 Rob Hall - Red Hat Certified Engineer
 Senior Systems Administrator
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