[CentOS] changing swap size

Thu Mar 29 14:39:34 UTC 2007
Bisbal, Prentice <PBisbal at LexPharma.com>

Depends on what you mean by changing the swap size. You can increase
swap size by adding a swap file, which is a regular file on a "regular"
filesystem. This can be done in a matter of minutes with only a few
commands. I haven't done it in a couple years, so I can't give you the
details off the top of my head. 

If you want to increase the size of a swap partition, or create another
swap parition, there's more work involved. Depending on how your disk(s)
are partitioned, it's possible to do it w/o rebuilding the entire
system. If you have to destroy a partition to give up some of it's space
to a new swap partition, you can tar the contents of that partition up,
repartition the disk, and then untar the files on to the new partition.
You shouldn't need to re-install the entire system. 


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Is it possible to change the swap size with out re-installing the

Looking at the dd command but don't really know what to expect.

Many thanks for your help

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