[CentOS] EXT3 fs error on RAID1 device

Thu Mar 29 14:50:22 UTC 2007
Peter Gross <pag at nanosec.com>

Rasmus Back wrote:
> On 3/29/07, Alfred von Campe <alfred at 110.net> wrote:
>> On Mar 29, 2007, at 7:22, Rasmus Back wrote:
>> > Thanks for the pointer! The smart logs for my drives don't show any
>> > errors but I'll start a long selftest just to be sure. Although if it
>> > is a failing hard drive then the raid driver should kick it out of the
>> > array. Your system was a laptop with just one drive, right?
>> It was actually a single SATA drive on a desktop system, but yes, it
>> was not in a RAID configuration.  Are you running the selftest on
>> both drives?  It would be interesting to see the results of that...
> Well this is interesting: smartctl -H /dev/sda returns "SMART Health
> Status: OK". But when I try to start a test with smartctl -t long
> /dev/sda I immediately get "Extended Background Self Test Failed".
> Apparently my drives don't work with smartctl since smartctl -l error
> /dev/sda returns:
> Error Counter logging not supported
> Error Events logging not supported
> I checked the BIOS and SMART reporting is turned on, although from the
> description of this option it sounds like this controls whether
> failures are reported during the BIOS boot-up.
> Rasmus

   I don't know what motherboard and kernel you are using, but I found 
that using the stock Centos 4.4 kernel-utils package (which includes 
smartctl), smartctl did not work with my Sata II drive. So I downloaded, 
built, and installed smartmontools-5.37, which did. I am also running 
kernel 2.20.1 -- not sure if that is a factor. Plus my sata driver 
module is sata_nv (Nvidia).

--peter gross