[CentOS] nvidia drivers

Thu Mar 29 15:13:55 UTC 2007
Bisbal, Prentice <PBisbal at LexPharma.com>

The HP drivers do this, too. They install a script /etc/init.d/nvconfig
which checks if there's a driver for the current kernel version at boot
time and builds/installs it if necessary. Other than this script, the HP
RPM is just a repackaging of the NVidia drivers w/ no mods, so they
should work on any RPM-based distro. Installs in /opt/HP


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>>>>>> On Thu, 29 Mar 2007 13:18:15 +0100 "KS" == Karanbir Singh 
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>     KS> Ralph Angenendt wrote:
>>> Karanbir Singh wrote:
>>>> Jerry Geis wrote:
>>>>> Does the nvidia drivers (downloaded from nvidia) support or work 
>>>>> with the new centos 5 (beta) ? The version of X windows is 
>>>>> different I think.
>>>> when you tried it, what problem did you have ?
>>> It won't compile on a Xen enabled kernel ...
>     KS> what version are you using ? I've got the nvidia drivers
>     KS> working for me here on the Xen kernel ( x86_64 ) but I've not
>     KS> downloaded a newer one, so whatever was on my machine from
>     KS> months back, just rebuilt and works.
> I know this is a bit off-topic, but as we're talking about rebuilding 
> the drivers for new kernels:
>  - has anyone written
>  - or is aware
> of such a solution:
> a script that during booting
>  - checks whether the nVidia-driver is present
>  - rebuilds it unattended, if it is not so that the user always gets a

> graphic login, even after kernel-updates.
> I'm aware that rebuilding kernel-modules without human supervision is 
> not a good idea, but rebuilding the graphics-driver on a number of 
> workstations after each kernel-update is annoying (especially if you 
> can't do it on all of them at the same time, because people are ... 
> working on them)
> I know, that the script should not be hard to write, but I don't want 
> to duplicate any work that has been done before (especially if there 
> is a "standard"-way of doing this, which I was to stupid to find)

Dell has done it using DKMS.  If you install an nvidia driver (and other
drivers too) from their site, it installs a DKMS enabled package that
rebuilds itself for any new kernel.

It mostly works. I've never tried installing one of these on a computer
that was not a Dell.

Tony Schreiner

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