[CentOS] Re: software raid

Thu Mar 29 18:46:31 UTC 2007
David A. Woyciesjes <david.woyciesjes at yale.edu>

Matt Hyclak wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 29, 2007 at 01:43:46PM -0400, David A. Woyciesjes enlightened us:
>> Scott Silva wrote:
>>> The best common denominator would be fat32 on the external. Linux, Windows,
>>> and I think even the Macs can read and write to it. The biggest limit to 
>>> fat32
>>> is the maximum of 2 gig file sizes...
>> 	Thought about it, and discarded it. IIRC, there is a ~32GB partition 
>> limit for FAT32. Or at least WinXP won't create them bigger than that. 
>> Considering the files I'll be storing, I don't want to deal with 3+ 
>> different partitions on the external drive. :)
> Time for a number check: 
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FAT32 claims 4GB filesize, and 8TB partition
> size. the 32GB partition limit is a WinXP-ism to make people use NTFS.

	I stand corrected. And this time I don't mind being told I'm wrong...;-)
  And if you're like me (don't trust Wikipedia as far as you can throw 
it) here's the info from MS directly...

I think I may just use FAT32 then... :) And yes, I am aware of the fact 
that FAT32 does nothing with user permissions...

--- David Woyciesjes