[CentOS] Tape drive recommendations

Thu Mar 29 22:19:17 UTC 2007
Jim King <mlists at microreplay.com>

Thanks to everyone!  This was a great discussion.

So here is how things ended up:

On the hardware side, I can get a Exabyte (Tandberg Data) 3120, HH -  
LTO1 drive (100/200 GB),  an Adaptec 29320LPE Ultra 360 SCSI card and  
a 68 bin VHD internal cable with terminators for under $1000, all  
brand new.

Based on the extensive RAID thread we just had, I bought a 3ware  
9650SE card and 4 WD3200JS 320GB drives for another project.  Total  
cost for the card (4 port, low profile) was $930.  I just installed  
everything and it worked the first time.  3ware is great!

I am going to build a backup server around another 9650SE RAID array  
(probably 8 drives X 320 GB) and the Exabyte LTO drive.  I estimate  
the total cost will be under $4K for everything.

Finally, based on all the money I saved, I made a donation to CentOS!

Thanks again!