[CentOS] Time 1 hour out

Thu Mar 29 22:45:15 UTC 2007
John Summerfield <debian at herakles.homelinux.org>

Andy Wright wrote:
> Good afternoon - see, I told you the time was out ;-)
> It's the system time that's an hour out - the hardware clock was set to 
> the correct local time (I'd done this manually earlier).
> Here's what I've tried -
> stop ntpd and chkconfig it off
> used date -s to set correct local time
> used clock -w to write to hardware clock
> reboot (just in case !)
> date and clock now both report the correct local time
> start ntpd
> clock is still correct, but date has gone back an hour
> Confused !
> Andy.
>> Good morning, Andy
>> Use /sbin/clock to check the time on your system's hardware clock.  
>> ntp and date will change the time on your OS but not necessarily on 
>> your hardware.
>> You can change the hardware clock by using the date command to change 
>> the time and then typing "/sbin/clock -w" to write the time to hardware.

Some, but not all, of my systems (not particularly CentOS) didn't handle 
comming off DST here at all well.

I fixed them by stopping ntp, running
ntpdate pool.net.org
hwclock -w
then restarting ntp.
and finally, by hoping all this is sorted out by next time:-)



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