[CentOS] Create CD from avi files

Fri Mar 30 03:43:35 UTC 2007
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

Robert Moskowitz wrote:
> I have avi files in xVid format from my Camera, and I want to create a 
> Video CD that can be viewed on any CD player.
> I have searched through the various repos (including rpmforage and 
> kbsingh) and did not find anything that would burn.
> I have a number of programs that have no trouble displaying these 
> files.  Including xzine, Avidemux, and VideoLAN-Client).
> I unfortunately have to make these CDs for tomorrow morning, 8am for 
> my wife to take to her class....

well, I know nothing about Linux video tools, but I can tell you that 
you'll have to convert them from XVID (MPEG4 streams embedded in AVI 
format) to straight MPEG1, 352x240(NTSC) or 352x288 (PAL), 25 or 30 FPS, 
at a specific videoCD profile, constant bandwidth of 1.150 Mbit/sec with 
MPEG layer 2 audio at 224kbit/sec (xvid probably uses Mpeg Layer 3 
audio, which is incompatible with the strict VideoCD specification)..    
THEN you need to embed these in a VideoCD disk format, which is a CD/XA 
Mode II Form II format, rather than the more conventional redbook CD-Rom 
aka ISO9660.]

AND, most CD players don't play VideoCD... SOME(many?) DVD players do, 

If you were on Microsoft Windows, I'd probably suggest using Nero Vision 
Express (part of Nero Ultra, $$) to do this, it will generate either 
proper VideoCD or DVD Video formats from AVI files, but there's dozens 
of other tools suitable for video trans coding (the Nero stuff does a 
very decent  job on the video compression if you set its options for 2 
pass and best quality).