[CentOS] Has REDHAT EL 5 been released?

Fri Mar 30 04:42:55 UTC 2007
Miark <mlist at gardnerbusiness.com>

On Fri, 30 Mar 2007 00:10:27 -0400, Matt wrote:

> Second, I don't know about anyone else, but I'm getting tired
> of people asking this list over and over when CentOS 5 will be
> released. 

You must get tired easily. I've been on this list for about two
weeks now (basically since RHEL5 came out) and I've only seen
this question asked a few times. Regardless, since you can't
control what other people know and/or ask, I suggest you learn
to deal with it.

> Considering that no one is getting paid to do this, this is
> something that the developers do in their spare time. They
> probably have full time jobs, so give them a break or give
> them a hand.  

He never suggested that the developers were too slow, that they
should devote more time to it, that they should devote less
time to their real jobs, or any other criticism. It was an
innocent question, so why don't you give Indunil a break?

> If you're not helping out don't waste the developers time by
> nagging them.  

I didn't see him demand that a "developer" answer the question.

And since it was his first time asking, how does that qualify as

> Instead of asking when it will be released, be patient and
> keep an eye on the CentOS website or sign up to be notified of
> news articles on the CentOS website.  I'm 100% sure that when
> it is released there will be some sort of announcement.

Software releases often have a release schedule or goal; in the
absence of one on the CentOS site (no, that's not a criticism)
it's quite natural that one would join the forum and ask.

I hate to cross words with someone so early in my subscription
to this list, but dude: chill!