[CentOS] software raid

Fri Mar 30 06:24:00 UTC 2007
Feizhou <feizhou at graffiti.net>

> On that note, what cheap add-in SATA controllers have folks had good 
> luck with?  I haven't tried *too* hard, but the couple I've tried were 
> far less than stable.

I have recently got a 4 eSATA port card based on the si3124 chipset. 
Unfortunately there is no support yet on the driver side for port 
multipliers so I have only used single drive eSATA cases. Seamless. 
However, this is not on Centos...at least not yet.

The one I got look almost like the one below save for the sticker on the 


> There is one advantage of hardware RAID that hasn't been mentioned yet, 
> and that's hot-swap.  Last time I tried, software RAID fell over when a 
> HDD suddenly disappeared.

Did you just pull the thing out? I believe there was supposed to be some 
mark down procedure before you actually pull the disk out.

Besides, it sounds weird...isn't the disk disappearing when it dies more 
or less the same?

I will be testing yanking out a drive on my box. I will let you know how 
it goes.