[CentOS] Really small Linux and NAS

Fri Mar 30 17:31:29 UTC 2007
Thanasis Rizoulis <apatewna at hol.gr>

O/H Robert Moskowitz έγραψε:
> cameron wrote:
>> David A. Woyciesjes wrote:
>>> Robert Moskowitz wrote:
>>>> I have a really nice, old Libretto 110.  Only 64Mb memory.
>>>> I want to put Linux on it and have a network monitoring system and a
>>>> traveling NAS.

Be sure to checkout http://www.serverelements.com/index.php. At the very 
least you get a free floppy with FTP, SMB or NFS capabilities.

Basic System Requirements

NASLite v1.x is a network file server, so a fast computer is usually not 
necessary. Basic requirements are:

     * 486DX or better processor
     * PCI bus
     * 16M or more of RAM
     * 1 to 4 IDE fixed disk drives (any size)
     * PCI or on-board network interface adapter
     * 3.5" floppy disk drive

It has text and web management interface, it's all on their site.
If you have the proper hardware, be sure to pick the -G version of the 
floppy (gigabit ethernet, eg FTP-G or SMB-G or NFS-G) as they use 
optimized DMA drivers.

One of the best things is that it supports ANY size of disk even on 
BIOSes that don't support it. I also tried to disable the IDE 
controllers at the BIOS and it still detected the disk.

One problem is that only a few Gigabit cards are supported. Another is 
that you don't have any control of the underlying operating system 
(linux). There was a rare problem (more than half a year ago)where some 
stored files "took" the wrong permissions and the user couldn't delete 
them. The only option, as suggested on the forums, was to use Knoppix CD 
to set them straight.

Using FTP-G diskette I managed to pull 48MByte/sec up/down on a modern 
system with ATA-133 disk over a handmade crossover gigabit cable with 
gigabit cards on both ends (client-server) of course.


Rizoulis Thanos
Electronic Computing Systems Engineer
Larissa Greece