[CentOS] Wait for 5 or just use 4.4?

Fri Mar 30 21:29:19 UTC 2007
cameron <cameron at gwschool.com>

John R Pierce wrote:
> Morten Torstensen wrote:
>> I would think that Oracle would run pretty much out of the box on
>> RHEL5 (and CentOS 5), as the kernel/glibc is not bleeding edge and
>> Redhat works pretty close with Oracle (as they do with other
>> Enterprise software). That does not mean it is ready for production,
>> but it should be ready for testing and piloting.
> indeed, I've heard Oracle flat out won't support you if you're running
> on CentOS 4, even tho its functionally nearly identical to RHEL4 which
> is supported.
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Hope this doesnt start too much of a flamewar, but I have to ask...

If you can afford an Oracle license, why not just buy a RHEL license?  
>From my limited understanding, Centos is a rebuild of one variant of
RHEL.  RHEL has at least three different versions; Desktop, Advanced and
Server.   I couldn't find anything on the centos.org page about which of
the variants the source is rebuilt from.   maybe a collect of all?  

just my $0.02