[CentOS] Re: repo for x64 bacula?

Sat Mar 31 11:26:18 UTC 2007
Felix Schwarz <Felix.Schwarz at web.de>

Gordon McLellan schrieb:
> Can anyone recommend a repo for the latest version of Bacula, compiled 
> for x64?

There is no repo on Sourceforge but you could download my RPMs from the bacula 
site and create a repo yourself.

> I see Singh has the i386 version in his Centos-Misc repo, but nothing
> shows up when I do a yum list bacula* on my 64bit systems.

I would recommend not using these bacula RPMs as they are out of date. I think 
you will get better support on the bacula lists if you are using the latest 
stable release (which is 2.0.3 as of now). RPMs built for CentOS (i386 and 
x86_64) can be found on http://sf.net/projects/bacula.