[CentOS] Wait for 5 or just use 4.4?

Sat Mar 31 18:54:29 UTC 2007
Cen Tos <centos.admin at gmail.com>

> As you will discover reading Linux RAID documentation, onboard RAID is
> not real hardware RAID (like an add-in card). They call it fakeraid. You
> will almost certainly be better off with Linux software raid.

Yes, that's what got me thinking about not bothering with the onboard RAID,
which might make it easier to get things just working instead of perhaps
needing to find a driver for the controller. Also the point about replacing
raid cards mentioned by Florin reminded me of an unpleasant experience when
an old board died and I coudn't get the RAID array back with a new board and
new controller.

your hardware, I suggest you wait a little until CentOS 5 has been used
> by others with similar hardware. In fact I have a brand new system that
> uses Abit AB9 QuadGT motherboard (Intel P965 Express north bridge, Intel
> ICH8R south bridge, JMicron JMB363 for IDE), Intel Core 2 Duo E6600, 3
> Sata II disks. I fully expect to have my hands full getting this to work
> even in CentOS 5, and I have tons of experience. So my advice is to let
> others do the hard work for you and wait for the fruits of their labor.

Unfortunately I might just have to jump into the deep end straight since
there's a deadline for the server to be up and running. So either I
use 4.4and jump through the hoops to make it work with new hardware,
or I use
5.0 and jump through the hoops... well, might as well jump the 5.0 hoops :D

And the newer kernel breaks a couple of things (like hotplug for USB because
> that subsystem on CentOS 4.4 is incompatible with the 2.6.20)

I'm not too concerned about USB hotplug or  great performance. If I only get
10% out of the NIC, I'm happy enough. We're only getting 2Mbps at the
datacenter anyway! :D

Netfilter will give you this ... I would suggest looking into the
> Shorewall firewall [http://shorewall.net] for stuff like this. Really
> wonderful set of software.

Thanks a million, this is a god send, I've been reading the documents on IP
Filters and despite thinking I probably know what I'm supposed to do, it's a
relief to have something that can read off a human readable table and do
what I need!
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