[CentOS] wget not in minimal install

Mon May 7 03:31:53 UTC 2007
MrKiwi <mrkiwi at gmail.com>

Hi All,

I used to always do a minimal install with v4.4, and wget 
(and other tools) was included.
With v5 if i untick *everything* in the installation (incl 
"base") so that i can install from 1 cd, wget is not included.
I couldn't make sense of any of the xml or xml.gz files on 
the installation cd. (/dev/cdrom/repodata/*), although they 
do mention wget as 'default' rather than 'mandatory' in one 
of the files.
Which option should i tick to get wget? or should i just use 
a kickstart install and throw
yum -y install wget dos2unix
in the postinstall section?