[CentOS] New lists

Tue May 1 01:43:50 UTC 2007
MrKiwi <mrkiwi at gmail.com>

John Summerfield wrote:
> I don't understand the current rationale for a single CentOS users' 
> list; probably in times past it was sensible, but I think the time has 
> come for splitting the list by release.
> I'm speaking from my own perspective, but I'm sure others have similar 
> stories. How many users use all CentOS releases?
I totally agree John - as CentOS gets more popular i too 
have found myself using 'Mark folder as Read' too often.

> If this list were split into one for each release, then subscribers 
> could choose which email they see. At present, it's all or none, and 
> neither suits me.
My worry would be the increases in cross-posting, and maybe 
the need for centos-general, but i guess these can mostly be 
posted to a CentOS(max_version) list.

A point that may mitigate the need to act now: I have seen 
the volume of mail surge about t-2_months before the launch 
of v5 - and i wasnt here for the launch of 4.0 -> 4.4, but 
would you not expect a lot of noise to dissipate soon now we 
are t+2_weeks?

Thats my 2c worth.