[CentOS] Sound problems with CentOS

Tue May 1 20:14:18 UTC 2007
Preston Crawford <me at prestoncrawford.com>

> Preston Crawford wrote:
>> Has anyone experienced this before? This happened to me even under
>> CentOS
>> 4.x. But basically what happens is that when I play MP3s, whatever the
>> right speaker crackles at higher volume. And it's always that speaker
>> and
>> only that speaker. If I turn the balance to the other speaker I have no
>> problems. So it feels like it might be a mixer issue. I use Alsa, of
>> course, as that's what the default is. Is this a known issue or does
>> someone know how to fix it?
> plug some small headphones into the line out jack of the sound card
> (large phones require too much juice), and see if you hear the crackling
> over these under the same settings.  if you DONT, its not the system or
> the hardware, its your speakers.  if you DO, you can continue to look
> into sound card issues.

I'll try that, but why would 3 pairs of new speakers not be able to
function on the exact same side? I'm not sure I understand the technical
reason why all 3 speaker sets (different brands) would be malfunctioning
on the same side.