[CentOS] Digest size

Wed May 2 13:09:43 UTC 2007
BRUCE STANLEY <bruce.stanley at prodigy.net>

--- Ioannis Vranos <ivranos at freemail.gr> wrote:

> Ralph Angenendt wrote:
> > 
> > That number is only for splitting off digests if that number is reached
> > before the *daily* archive gets out. As I already said: This number can
> > be changed as it really seems to be set too high. 
> > 
> > But I want to hear from people if they would rather get *one* digest per
> > day or up to three or four digests per day.
> I think the digest as it is, it can not be used at all in the convenient 
> MIME digest setting, that allows to reply easily to individual messages 
> inside the digest.
> So my vote is towards decreasing the size of the digest, as much as it 
> is needed to use MIME digests easily.

My vote is for 1 per day.